If you would like to request a new desk or chair, fill in a request and once there are sufficient requests we will take action.

MGAPS owns and is responsible for the fridges on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Please use them, but keep them tidy!

Reporting a workspace/lab issue

Workspace issues can be reported at any time to MGAPS Workspace Officer, whose email is available here. More serious issues, such as laboratory safety concerns, should be discussed with the laboratory’s PI first. If the problem is not resolved with the PI, the Departmental Safety Committee (DSC) can be contacted through MGAPS Workspace Officer or by contacting directly the Committe chair (as of 2015, Andreas Warburton) at this email address: safety.officer@physics.mcgill.ca

For convenience, the form below can be used to report workspace/lab issue. The advantage of this form is that it can be used anonimously, unlike emails. Submissions from this form are processed by MGAPS Workspace Officer.