New Students


Here are some information of things that you need to do during the first few days/weeks in the physics department.

  • Get network access (contact your supervisor and/or Paul Mercure and/or Juan Gallego). The request has to be made by the supervisor
  • Get office key from Eddie Del Campo at the administration office (ERP 108)
  • If you require a new chair or desk in your office fill in the workspace upgrade form
  • Get your McGill ID activated for after-hour access to the Physics Department with Louise Decelles, the chair secretary (ERP 108).
  • Consult your assigned advisor to discuss the choice of a research supervisor (within the first month)
  • Get your TAship settled by filling up the form (see Teaching Assistantship section)
  • Enter your banking info on Minerva –> Employee Menu –> Direct Deposit Bank Account. Make sure to fill up both the “payroll related” and “student related” bank info, even if the information is the same. This is very important for all since the information will be used for direct deposit of your pay-check, for scholarships and for travel-expenses reimbursement.
  • Register for your classes (see Courses section for MSc and PhD specific registration) AND fill out the course selection form.
  • Obtain a photocopy machine access code with Louise Decelles (there are different cordifferent codes for teaching (TA) and research, so students needing to make photocopies should consult the relevant course instructor or research supervisor for details.)
  • If you missed the graduate orientation session on September 3rd you can view the department’s welcome slides here.